Find Your Home in Upper Bucks County PA

Haycock Mountain is one of our favorite places in Upper Bucks County to hike and explore. This preserved area is a popular destination for boulder climbers, hikers, birdwatchers, hunters and trail runners.

An elevation of 961 feet makes Haycock Mountain the highest point in Bucks County, PA.

Haycock Mountain is on PA State Game Land (SGL) 157 which totals 2011 acres. Near the base of the Haycock mountain lies Lake Nockamixon, another destination for hiking, boating, kayaking and fishing.

Hiking Haycock Mountain

Located in Haycock Township, the trailhead and parking lot is located on Top Rock Trail (on the left side from Rt 563).

The trail up the mountain starts as a creek bed and gradually becomes tighter with more rocks and roots at the top.

There are numerous trails throughout the mountain, and the large boulders and panoramic views at the top of the mountain are well worth the hike to experience. The boulders are big – they were formed “200 million years ago by an intrusion of magma into local shale and argillite within the Newark Basin.” Read the Full Wikipedia Article on Haycock Mountain Geology.

The Haycock area is 98% forested with the remaining area designated as open areas and food plots for wildlife. Topography varies from hill tops to flat lower slopes. The highest elevation of about 960 is found on the southern peak of Haycock Mountain. The lowest elevation of 440 feet is found near Haycock Creek along the northern boundary.

Deer, wild turkey, squirrel, fox, chipmunks, hawks, eagles, raccoon, coyote, numerous birds including ducks and geese are found throughout the mountain and lake area.