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Haycock Mountain Topographic Map

Visiting Haycock Mountain in Bucks County, PA

Haycock Mountain is one of our favorite places in Upper Bucks County to hike and explore. This preserved area is a popular destination for boulder climbers, hikers, birdwatchers, hunters and trail runners. An elevation of 961 feet makes Haycock Mountain the highest point in Bucks County, PA. Haycock Mountain is on PA State Game Land (SGL) 157 which totals 2011 […]

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390 Marienstein RD18972 Ceiling Painting

390 Marienstein Rd Church History

The 390 Marienstein Rd Church History begins with Father Henry Stommel, pastor of St. John the Baptist Church in Haycock Township from October 7, 1871 to November 19, 1875. Father Stommel was the driving force behind building St. Joseph’s Church on Marienstein Road in Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972. St. Joseph’s was a mission of St. […]

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OWowCow Upper Bucks County Buzzfeed

OWowoCow Ice Cream in Ottsville Voted Tops on BuzzFeed

Way to Go!  Congrats to Upper Bucks County favorite OWowCow of Ottsville (also in Wrightstown and Lambertville) for being named one of “27 Ice Cream Shops You Need to Visit Before you Die” according to BuzzFeed. Locally sourced with locally sourced ingredients, OWowCow is way cool on a summer Upper Bucks County Day. Located on Rt 412 at the Rt 563 (just off of Rt […]

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Turkeys Feather - Durham, PA

Turkeys in Upper Bucks County

On this overcast August day during an open house in Durham PA a family of Turkeys in Upper Bucks County PA decided to stop by for a visit. We weren’t sure of their home purchasing status, since they roost in trees at night and wander daily in search of food. There were a two hens and nine […]

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Organic Sustainable Wine Near Bucks County PA

Organic Wineries Near Bucks County PA

“Green is the New Black” or so some marketing folks told us. Well, we couldn’t agree more… but we also see it as the new red and white. That’s why for Organic Wineries Near Bucks County PA we really enjoy crossing the river in Riegelsville to get to Villa Milagro Vineyards. It’s just a short ride […]

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Cooks Creek Bucks County PA Trout Info

Cooks Creek is known regionally for its “native” wild brown trout and stocked rainbow trout, where they can be found in Durham Township, Springfield Township and the initial feeder streams of Lower Saucon Township. We’re a fan of the natural surroundings found in Upper Bucks County, so we thought we’d focus on the brown trout in this post. […]

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