237 Acres in Haycock and East Rockhill – Agricultural Security Area

Whitetail Deer in Haycock Township, PA

A Whitetail Deer in Haycock Township PA Agricultural Area

The former 237-acre Freedom Valley Girl Scouts property could become an Agricultural Security Area.

Haycock Township supervisors recently acknowledged the receipt of an Agricultural Security Area (ASA) application from the new single-family owner of a former.

About 149 acres of the property off Richlandtown Road lies in Haycock Township. The remaining 88 acres is in in East Rockhill Township.

What is an Agricultural Security Area?

An Agricultural Security Area (ASA) is a tract of agricultural land that has been officially designated as an agricultural district by the local municipality. ASAs are intended to promote more permanent and viable farming operations by strengthening the farming community’s sense of security in land use and the right to farm.

ASA designation protects farm properties from nuisance complaints, such as those about odors during fertilizer application, and can also be a step toward preservation.

A 2015 sketch plan calling for subdivision of the property into about 116 residential units was withdrawn after the developer realized it may have underestimated the costs for building on the rocky terrain.

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