Sellersville Adopts International Property Maintenance Code

Sellersville officials want to ensure that residential and commercial buildings in the Upper Bucks borough are kept in good condition.

With that in mind, borough council voted on March 12 to adopt the International Property Maintenance Code – a model code that regulates the minimum maintenance requirements for existing buildings, establishing standards for things such as ventilation, heating, sanitation, fire safety and more.

Adopting the code, which is updated every few years, was a new step for Sellersville, which has focused more intensely on borough revitalization efforts over the last couple of years.

Borough Manager David Rivet noted that there are some elements covered in the IPMC that were addressed in previous borough ordinances, such as regulations on height of grass, junk vehicles on properties, unsafe structures, and swimming pools, among other things.

For Sellersville homeowners, the fundamental takeaway regarding the IPMC adoption is that “the exterior and interior of their homes are required to be maintained, structurally sound, sanitary and in good repair,” said Rivet, adding that the borough will not be conducting in-house inspections for current owner-occupied properties.

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