Can I have horses in Springfield Township, PA?

We had a call regarding onBucks County PA Horse Properties. The question was whether horses would be permitted on a property in Springfield Township, PA in Bucks County.

Springfield Township zoning directed us to their Zoning Ordinance with Amendments and referenced the following information:

NOTE: The content on this page is for informational purposes only. Always verify all Zoning Information with the municipality of jurisdiction where the property exists and/or with a licensed professional.

H-5 Livestock and Horses as an Accessory Use.

The keeping of livestock on properties less than 5 acres in size and the keeping of horses on properties of less than 10 acres in size shall be governed by the following regulations:

98 (a) Livestock and accessory buildings for livestock and horse use are permitted as accessory uses to single family detached dwellings if the lot size is not less than two acres.

(b) The number of livestock and horses permitted per acre shall be in accordance with the following, provided that woodlands or wetlands that have no value as pasture shall not be included: Horses, ponies, mules and similar animals: 2 acre minimum for the first animal, 1 acre for each additional animal. Swine, goats, cows, and sheep – 2 acre minimum for the first animal, 2 per acre for each additional animal. Domestic Poultry – 2 acre minimum for the first animal, no more than 25 per lot

(c) All livestock shall be kept within the property lines.

(d) No persons owning or keeping livestock shall maintain such so as to create any health, environmental or safety hazard.

(e) Any building used for the shelter or housing of livestock or horses shall be located not less than 50 feet from a lot line of another property.

(f) Manure shall be stored in a manner that prevents pollution of groundwater or surface water. Manure shall not be stored in the 100- year floodplain or any riparian buffer or wetland. Manure shall be stored in a manner that does not create a visual, biological or odor nuisance.

Download PDF of Springfield Township Zoning Ordinance with Amendments at the Springfield Township, Bucks County PA website.

Happy horse riding in Upper Bucks County, PA!

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